41/2009 Truly the last week of 2009 - Trondheim


8:23 AM: 11' R. R 2km. A short jogging to wake up.
11:41 AM: 91' orienteering. R 12km. 1st training in Trondheim for me.
Weather was really nice (+3C, WET and chilly forest) ;-). Missed the 2nd
control for 5min (flag or paper piece had fallen under the tree) but enjoeyd
the long legs much.
 Orienteering 91' (HR)
Buråsen (MAP)


9:58 AM: 27' R + 52' O + 18' R. R 15,5km. Middle training in Vassfjellet. Still
very tired, but still nice to orienteer. It didn't rain but temperature was 0-1C.
16:31 PM: 13' R + 32' O. R 5,5km. Short training in winter conditions. Gråkallen
was an extreme experience, even if the training was a short one.
 Orienteering 52' (HR)
Vassfjellet (MAP)
Gråkallen (MAP)
Summer or winter? (PHOTO 1)
Maybe it's summer? (PHOTO 2)
Or maybe not... (PHOTO 3)


11:28 AM: 10' R + 66' O + 5' R. R 11,5km. Basic o-training in Iladalen. Nice!
 Orienteering 66' (HR)
Iladalen (MAP)
JaMMu warming-up and yesterday's training hill on the right (PHOTO 1)
Only slight rain in today's training! (PHOTO 2)
New method for Terä from Norway? (PHOTO 3)


8:05 AM: 11' R. R 2km. Waking-up and shooting some winter photos.
10:27 AM: 15' R + 41' O + 18' R. R 11km. Middle training in
Solemsåsen. Lots of snow.
16:22 PM: 12' R + 33' O + 3' R. R 6,5km. Short o-training i Reppesåsen.
Nästan ingen snö!
 Hehheh (PHOTO 1)
Hehheh 2 (PHOTO 2)
Orienteering 41' (HR)
Solemsåsen (MAP)
Truly a useful tool (PHOTO 3)
Beuautiful scenery indeed (PHOTO 4)
Orienteering 33' (HR)
Reppesåsen (MAP)


9:40 AM: 60' orienteering. R 7,5km. O-training in Storheia. Lots of snow (15-30cm)
and a snow storm interrupted the training. Now it's time to travel back home!
 Storheia (MAP)




8:32h, R 73km.