11/2008 Locarno/Roveredo


7:23 AM: 13' running. R 2,5km. Couldn't sleep well so I did a short run.

10:53 AM: 25' running + 17' running technique + 15' circuit. R 5,5km. Felt
tired - didn't sleep enough/well last night.

16:07 PM: 8' running + 78' orienteering. R 11,5km. Slope orienteering training
in Scarpape. Maybe the most irritating o-training I've ever made. Slippery, cold
and hilly. Good attitude though!
 Running/running technique 34' (HR)
Orienteering 78' (HR)
Scarpape, 1st loop (MAP)


9:53 AM: 8' running + 71' orienteering + 12' running. R 13km. Tough middle/long
training in Arcegno. Orienteering was better than yesterday. I'm developing ;-).

15:48 PM: 25' running + 75' volleyball. R 7,5km. Fun!
 Orienteering 71' (HR)
Running/volleyball 100' (HR)
A view from our accomodation (PHOTO 1)
A view from our accomodation (PHOTO 2)
Arcegno (MAP)


10:45 AM: 68' running + 6' orienteering. R 13km. 2 x 2000m and a short sprint.
The running was difficult and I was the slowest in orienteering (missed on every
control where there was a chance to miss...).

16:38 PM: 67' running + 14' orienteering. R 18km. The sprint final, 2nd fastest.
Ran easily, concentrating in orienteering. Good choice. No misses but lost 28s to
Tuomas, who did a great sprint run.
 2 x 2000m & sprint qualification 20' (HR)
Sprint qualification (MAP)
Orienteering 14' (HR)
Sprint final (MAP)
An interesting shot by Minna (PHOTO)


9:42 AM: 241' hiking/running. R 23km. Hiking from Tenero to Roveredo (to our
next and final accomodation of the trip). Perfect easy workout (avg HR 96). In the
beginning I had very low HR levels (65-70bpm when walking!) and that's only good news.
The trip's spirit was also excellent (thanks to Heikki, Jonne and Johan).
Massage after the training (legs).
 Hiking/running 241' (HR)
Photo from our balcony in Roveredo (PHOTO)


9:26 AM: 25' running + 18' circuit + 25' running technique + 20' running. R 10km.
Easy & important training with light legs.

Massage in the afternoon (back).


10:27 AM: 18' running. R 3,5km. Checking out the muscles. They were really good.

14:30 PM: 32' running + 45' orienteering + 20' running. R 15km. 2 giorni Ticino. 1st place
with a clear margin and which is more important, the whole stuff was relaxed and
easy. I didn't put any extra effort to the game. Believe it or not, but that's
sometimes the key to the really good performances. 
 Running 18' (HR)
Orienteering 45' (HR)
Novaggio (MAP 1)
Novaggio (MAP 2)


11:07 AM: 91' running. R 14km. Running alone on paths.
16:09 PM: 15' running + 43' orienteering + 21' running. R 13,5km. Easy
o-training with modified map.
 Running 91' (HR)
R/Orienteering/R 79' (HR)
Tesserete (MAP)


18:29h, R 150km. Climbing on week 11: 4620m.